Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yesterday I received what I believe is called a chain letter in my inbox. This chain letter called for all Americans (hopefully with a valid driver’s license) to stop buying gas from Exxon Mobil in order to show the man that we won’t stand for any of his malarkey. Sure this is a Nobel Peace Prize worthy chain letter but I feel that we as a society can do better. So my fellow hard working American citizens, I present to you my plan.
I propose that on April 18th at 10am, every tax paying citizen should go to their nearest Exxon Mobil and fill their vehicles up with the highest quality gasoline this country (well, Iraq is pretty much our country) has to offer. Please DO NOT fill up with Unleaded 87…are you cheap or something? Make sure your gas tank is on empty before you fill up to make the most impact. You might also want to get your car washed while you are there. You can get the basic package but for only $3 more, you might as well get the platinum car wash. Let’s make sure we show Exxon Mobil that not only do we need gas, but we are willing to pay whatever it takes to fill up our tank. Let Exxon Mobil know that without them, we’d all be burdened with riding bikes, walking and God forbid, riding public transportation (ewwww). I personally have no desire to sweat or have to wait for a bus so I am going to fill up both of my SUVs to prove my point. The more money I give Exxon Mobil, the more they will know that I care.
Just think, if each of us sends this to 30 people and they send it to 30 people and etc., we can really show Exxon Mobil that they are the heart of the grand Ole’ USA. Without them, we’d have nothing to complain about. Until April 18th…One PB.


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That will show em.

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