Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Tremendous and Stupendous Feat

After long hours of research and self mortification to keep my heart and mind focused on the task at hand I have discovered something that was, by many peoples account, thought to have existed only in myth or legend.

The legend of Dr. Cornwallis started 1 year ago and as the team learned of his astonishing acts of managerial maneuvering his legend grew and grew. Yet no one was able to find photographic, taxonomic, or fossil record of this man, nay god.

So until this day the legend has remained shrouded in mystery, unknown to Outside Livers - as we call those who live outside the domain of the OnePB - but known to those inside the OnePB and vexed over like one who perplexes over the origins of life itself.

Much like L. Ron Hubbard enlightened millions of his followers [Tom Cruise, Isaac Hayes, Kirstie Alley – the list of great minds goes on and on], I too am here to enlighten.

Without further ado, my friends I give you the only known photographic evidence of Dr. Cornwallis…


Blogger 100 Years said...

Is the Dr. responsible for mysterious reassignments or is that a great force? One perhaps equally as powerful but perhaps also equally as evil....

6:02 AM  

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