Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tis only a Matter of Time

I think all of us can agree there are certain things in this world that are inevitable, or as Kim Jong Il once said, enebidable. The old cliché is that death and taxes cannot be avoided, however, after reading the AP wire tonight I am here to say we left off the most obvious of the unavoidable.

Today, in Malibu California, child welfare services visited the Spears’ home. I feel I should now rant about how one can feel shock without feeling a grain of surprise but alas I need to move on if I hope to have this post up within the decade. What is up with K-Fed and Mrs. Spears? One would think that millions, no 100’s of millions of dollars would be enough for anyone to leave behind their white trash ways - apparently not in their case.

They continue to prove the world wrong. First K-Fed proves to critics and the world that he can rap, has anyone heard Popo Zoa? Enough said. Then Britney proves that children can drive under the age of 2. Now the uber-tard couple is once again up to their ole shenanigans. Since welfare services and the sheriff’s department aren’t releasing any details we are free to speculate. So let me be the first to take a stab at it, my guess is that Brit used a baby Sean-filled rucksack as a blackjack and tried to split K-Feds goofy grill with it. If this scenario hasn’t played itself out yet, my friends, it soon will because it is only a matter of time... Duncanpatch


Blogger 100 Years said...

Apparently baby Sean Preston or "Tater Tot" as his Cheetoh loving mama calls hims suffered a fractured skull. Reportedly he fell off of a high chair but Duncan Patch, I think you are on to something.

5:58 AM  
Blogger miss mac said...

lol-you would think that our society has reached past the point on reading about a white-trash millionaire couple to pass the time....how wrong that assumption is.
and now supposedly she hasn't left the house in fear Sean might get hurt or worst child services take him away-get a grip and get out off the house for some taco bell.

5:54 PM  

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