Friday, March 31, 2006

Have you met R--j?

R--j is our friend from the former land of Kurd-istan. Hey, that rhymes! R--j is a jack of all trades but you really must remember...
If you make the unfortunate mistake of doing so, our beloved R--j will turn into a viscous Ku-rd and drink all of your coffee. But really, he is a nice guy. Let's learn a little bit about him, shall we?
  • R--j's mama came from Texas on a horse
  • His vajayjay brings all the boys to the yard
  • He loves Starbucks
  • On Tuesdays he is well, I'll just say this...If he asks you to hang out with him in a bathroom say no (but only say no on Tuesdays)
  • He likes to wear his shirt unbuttoned and shoes with no socks at work. As Ryan said, "You can't take the Euro[trash] out of him." (Don't listen to him R--j, Eurotrash is in. Love, Mer)
  • He once bought a pair of socks from Lacoste

So...If any of you ladies (or guys on Tuesdays) like what you see, give us a holla and we will hook you up!

R--j, we love you. Please don't go changin'....One PB


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