Thursday, March 30, 2006


Engineering News Record hereunto known as ENR has released a list of the 5 greatest persons in engineering history.

William Barclay Parsons - The man and the mystery who gave birth to the NY City subway

Warren A. Bechtel - Founder of Bechtel Corp and constructor of the Hoover Dam

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel - You guessed it, the funny Frenchman who designed the Eiffel Tower

George W. G. Ferris - What would your local carnival be without this man? A true pioneer, a renaissance man if you please - I give you the creator of the Ferris Wheel

And new to this Top 5 List is...

Baby Huey - The intellectually dense diapered duck. There is so much to say about the Baby, as he is known amongst his hommies, so I will touch only on the "short list" of acheivements. Oh wait I can't think of a single one.


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