100 Years

Friday, March 31, 2006

Have you met R--j?

R--j is our friend from the former land of Kurd-istan. Hey, that rhymes! R--j is a jack of all trades but you really must remember...
If you make the unfortunate mistake of doing so, our beloved R--j will turn into a viscous Ku-rd and drink all of your coffee. But really, he is a nice guy. Let's learn a little bit about him, shall we?
  • R--j's mama came from Texas on a horse
  • His vajayjay brings all the boys to the yard
  • He loves Starbucks
  • On Tuesdays he is well, I'll just say this...If he asks you to hang out with him in a bathroom say no (but only say no on Tuesdays)
  • He likes to wear his shirt unbuttoned and shoes with no socks at work. As Ryan said, "You can't take the Euro[trash] out of him." (Don't listen to him R--j, Eurotrash is in. Love, Mer)
  • He once bought a pair of socks from Lacoste

So...If any of you ladies (or guys on Tuesdays) like what you see, give us a holla and we will hook you up!

R--j, we love you. Please don't go changin'....One PB

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Engineering News Record hereunto known as ENR has released a list of the 5 greatest persons in engineering history.

William Barclay Parsons - The man and the mystery who gave birth to the NY City subway

Warren A. Bechtel - Founder of Bechtel Corp and constructor of the Hoover Dam

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel - You guessed it, the funny Frenchman who designed the Eiffel Tower

George W. G. Ferris - What would your local carnival be without this man? A true pioneer, a renaissance man if you please - I give you the creator of the Ferris Wheel

And new to this Top 5 List is...

Baby Huey - The intellectually dense diapered duck. There is so much to say about the Baby, as he is known amongst his hommies, so I will touch only on the "short list" of acheivements. Oh wait I can't think of a single one.

Scan it like it's hot!

I am in the process of scanning some documents. I had no idea scanning a document on an HP ScanJet 3400C was so involved. First you had to tell it to scan the document and then it tells you the lamp is warming up. Next it scans the document and then you have to save the document. But do not be fooled dear friends, the scanning does not stop there. I just realized I have no idea how to scan two separate documents but save them as one file. Someone please help me. I was going to put some pictures up here today but my college educated self forgot to put the memory card back into the camera. Trust me, once you see our "new" conference room you will realize that it was worth the wait. Until then...One PB.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When life hands you a server crash...

Surf the internet!!! I just wanted to share the world's youngest/cutest diva. Do not be fooled by that little girl...this is one bad beeotch.

"I am NOT leaving the house without my Baby Phat fur lined vest, Uggs and my Dora the Explorer Bottle!"

Welcome to 100 Years!

Some idiot already has 100years.blogspot.com Go check it out. It's worth it (not). Actually, go to the site and tell him to give us the blog domain which is so rightfully ours. Until then... One PB.